Brian Kelly named Secretary of new Transportation Agency

Brian Kelly will head the newly reconfigured California Transportation Agency, which is part of the governor’s reorganization plan to reduce the number of state agencies, departments and entities.  The Transportation Agency will align all of the state’s transportation entities, which have been scattered throughout different agencies.

Kelly has been acting secretary at the California Business, Transportation and Housing Agency since 2012, where previously he was undersecretary.  The reorganization plan, which Transportation California shared with you last year, establishes the California Transportation Agency as a single-focus cabinet office emphasizing transportation policy.

“This plan groups transportation departments and commissions and gives transportation a focused voice in the governor’s cabinet,” said Transportation California’s Executive Director, Will Kempton.

“Transportation California commends the Governor for his appointment of Brian Kelly as the new Secretary of Transportation,” Kempton said.  “As acting Secretary of the Business, Transportation and Housing Agency, Mr. Kelly has clearly demonstrated his competence and integrity and he will serve the people of California well in his new role.”

The new California Transportation Agency will include the following departments and offices.
– Department of Transportation
– Department of Motor Vehicles
– California Highway Patrol
– Board of Pilot Commissioners
– Office of Traffic Safety
– High Speed Rail Authority
– California Transportation Commission (CTC)

More information on Kelly’s background and appointment can be found in news on the governor’s website here.

A summary of the governor’s reorganization plan is here.
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